Boxday Journey: A Tale of Employee Gifting

Ivona Hrnčiarová
July 21, 2023
5 min

Ever seen the look on an HR professional's face when it's gifting season? Yup, that's dread.

Selecting the perfect gift for every team member can be a nightmare. If you've ever had to handle 1000+ gift boxes for Christmas, you know the struggle is real. But hold on, we're here to take the stress out of your employee gifting.

First, meet Maroš - the creative behind those irresistible AHA cookies you love in Košice & Bratislava. As Christmas was approaching, Maroš found himself under an avalanche of e-mails debating gift card colours. And Maroš had an AHA moment - this process needs to change. And not just for him, but for everyone involved.

One evening, over a calming cup of coffee (or maybe it was wine?), Maroš had a brilliant idea. He wondered, "If we can track a food delivery down to every pedal stroke, why can't we simplify corporate gift ordering and delivery?"

Spurred by this inspiration, Maroš and his tech-geek friend set out to revolutionize employee gifting.

And here comes Ivon. Fate or coincidence? Regardless, Ivon was a perfect addition. With a rich background in orchestrating breathtaking experiences and managing hundreds of corporate events (yes, she's the mastermind behind the Forbidden Taste gastronomy experiences in Prague), she understood the needs of suppliers and clients alike. For her, gifting is more than an exchange - it is an experience. An unforgettable one.

Together, they embarked on a mission to create a gifting platform that sparks genuine appreciation.

Word spread. Momentum built. Boxday transformed from an idea into a mission - a tool for seamless gifting, an inspiring database of gift ideas, and a novel way to understand employees.

And the happy ending? Or should we say the happy beginning?

Our vision is to make corporate gifting fun and effortless, all in one convenient app.

After all, appreciation is a language that should be spoken fluently in the corporate world. And there's no limit to expressing employee appreciation. From a sincere 'thank you' to a gift that leaves a lasting impression.

Why not make gifting an experience you'd proudly narrate to your whole family? Because in reality, it's not about the figures on a pay slip. It's the feelings behind those numbers that matter most.

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