How to welcome a new employee?

Ivona Hrnčiarová
July 21, 2023
5 min

Welcome Kit is a simple yet powerful way to start your relationship with new employees off on the right foot. It provides them with the necessary support and a sense of belonging from the first day in a new environment. Whether you are an employer or a team leader, this is undoubtedly a great first step towards successful collaboration and a positive company culture.

What is a Welcome Kit?

We can loosely translate this name as a "Welcome Package." It is a gift that an employee receives when starting a new job. It is not just a kind of mandatory formality but a really important gesture to show the employee that we value him or her and welcome them to our company. The welcome package is a sign of welcoming a new member to the team.

Statistics also tell us that satisfied employees who feel welcome and appreciated are more productive and tend to stay with the company longer. Research shows that 86% of new employees feel a stronger connection with the company after receiving a Welcome Kit.

Why is the Welcome Kit so important?

Above all, it creates a feeling of friendliness and relaxation for the new team member. When starting a new job, it is normal for an employee to be nervous and feel a little insecure. With the Welcome Kit, you make it a little easier. With this small gesture, you show them that you are ready to help and that you look forward to new challenges and successes with them.

What can the Welcome Kit contain?

The possibilities are endless. The package often includes a welcome letter from a manager or team leader expressing support and good luck. In addition, it may contain informational materials about the company to help the new employee orient themselves more quickly in the new work environment. Sometimes corporate clothing or work aids can also be part of the gift.

In Japan, the Welcome Kit is called "Omoiyari Kinmu," and it is a package that contains all the necessary information about the city and the company. In some technology companies in Silicon Valley, new employees can look forward to a Welcome Kit in the form of a personalized Apple MacBook or the latest smartphone. You can see more specific examples of Welcome Kits in well-known companies here on our blog.

Boxday has made your decision easier and prepared several options for you. How about sending a new employee a welcome package that includes a quality diary from a local supplier, designer pencils, and an eraser? Add a personal letter, company stickers, brand with a logo, and just click to send. Or you can choose a sweet box that adds a little flavor to the first day at work. With a branded box full of cookies and macaroons, it will be hard to leave your desk :)"

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