The Power of Gifting: Strengthening Bonds with Employees and Partners

Ivona Hrnčiarová
July 21, 2023
5 min

In today's fast-paced business world, companies are constantly striving to foster strong relationships with their employees and partners. One powerful tool that has gained widespread recognition is the act of gifting. Gifting is more than just an exchange of tangible items; it is a gesture that holds the potential to strengthen bonds, express gratitude, and create a positive work environment.

At its core, gifting is an act of appreciation. When a company presents a gift to an employee or partner, it goes beyond a mere token of appreciation. It symbolizes recognition for their contributions, loyalty, and dedication. By acknowledging their efforts through gifting, companies have the opportunity to create a sense of belonging and loyalty within their workforce.

One key reason why companies should embrace gifting is its ability to enhance employee engagement and motivation. When employees feel appreciated, their enthusiasm and commitment towards their work naturally increase. Gifting serves as a tangible reminder that their contributions are recognized and valued.

Moreover, gifting can also be a strategic tool to foster strong relationships with company partners. In the corporate world, partnerships play a vital role in driving success. By extending the gesture of gifting, companies strengthen the bond. Thoughtful gifts can leave a lasting impression and solidify the foundation of a successful partnership.

Adobe Kickbox, Source: EmphatizeIT

Want some inspiration? Here are a few interesting examples of gifting from the world of "big business”

1. Adobe's "Kickbox": Adobe implemented a program called "Kickbox" to encourage innovation and empower employees. Each employee receives a red box filled with resources, including a pre-paid credit card, a guidebook, and various tools. The box is meant to help employees explore and develop their own ideas, fostering a culture of innovation and creativity within the company.

2. Netflix's "Freedom and Responsibility" Gift: Netflix offers its employees a unique gift on their first day of work—an expense policy. This policy grants employees the freedom to spend money on whatever they believe will enhance their work or personal lives, without the need for managerial approval. This gift reinforces Netflix's culture of trust, autonomy, and responsibility.

3. Patagonia's "Let My People Go Surfing" Benefit: Outdoor apparel brand Patagonia encourages work-life balance and employee well-being through its "Let My People Go Surfing" policy. This initiative allows employees to take time off to pursue outdoor activities and enjoy the natural environment. By giving the gift of time and freedom, Patagonia promotes employee happiness, productivity, and a connection to the brand's core values.

Patagonia: Let My People Go Surfing

4. Google's "Thank a Teacher" Campaign: Google runs an annual "Thank a Teacher" campaign where employees have the opportunity to nominate a teacher who has made a significant impact on their lives. The selected teachers receive a package from Google, including a personalized letter of appreciation, a Chromebook, and a grant for their school. This gifting initiative recognizes and celebrates the importance of education while fostering community engagement.

And what about you and gifting? Have you ever received or been given a surprise in a box that contains everything you need to mix an unconventional cocktail? Add ice cubes only. How about toothpaste that hides a tasty dessert inside? Serve right on your toothbrush. If these examples didn't get you excited, let us know. With Boxday, we'll prepare a gift for your employees or business partners that they'll remember for a long time. And remember you, as an employer, too. Employee gifting solved!

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