How do the best "players" welcome

Ivona Hrnčiarová
July 21, 2023
5 min

There is never enough inspiration; let's explore how some of the biggest names master the "art of welcoming".

  • Googleplex in America: Google is known for its innovative and fun culture. New employees arriving at their headquarters, known as the 'Googleplex,' receive a Welcome Kit in the form of a handbook called 'The Noogler's Guide' (Noogler is slang for new Googlers). The booklet contains funny illustrations and information about the company, culture, and traditions of the company.
  • Airbnb in California: Airbnb is a global leader in the travel industry, and their Welcome Kit for new employees is called 'Belong Anywhere.' It contains a handbook with stories from their hosts and guests to inspire new employees to see travel from a new angle.

  • IKEA in Sweden: IKEA is a global brand known for stylish and practical furniture. Their Welcome Kit for new employees is called 'I Love IKEA' and includes a package of furniture accessories, such as miniatures of some of their most popular products.
  • Facebook in California: Facebook is another tech giant that cares about the first impression of new employees. Their Welcome Kit includes a colorful T-shirt with the Facebook logo and a so-called 'Hackbook,' which contains information about the company to help new employees better understand the company culture.
  • Spotify in Sweden: Spotify, a popular music platform, is known for its music culture. Their Welcome Kit for new employees includes a code for a free six-month Spotify Premium subscription and interesting music selections from their in-house team.
  • Disney: Disney is known for its creativity and compelling stories. Their Welcome Kit for new employees is designed like a storybook called 'Once Upon a Time at Disney.' This book contains stories about the history and culture of Disney, along with personal messages from managers and colleagues.
  • Twitter: The popular social platform called its Welcome Kit 'A Little Birdie Told Me' and contains things that new employees will help them get to know their colleagues better and find their way around the work environment.
  • Dropbox: Dropbox is a company focused on cloud storage and collaboration. Their Welcome Kit includes practical aids such as a handbook, a waterproof bag with a logo, and a notepad so that new employees can capture all ideas and inspirations.
  • Microsoft: Microsoft is one of the largest technology companies in the world. Their Welcome Kit for new employees includes an 'Employee Survival Guide' that provides practical work-life information and resources for employees.
  • Nike: Nike is an iconic brand of athletic footwear and apparel. Their Welcome Kit is designed in the form of a training package, which includes a T-shirt, a cap, a sports bottle, and an accompanying leaflet with motivational quotes.
  • Boxday: Boxday covers your entire corporate remuneration. You can count on their Welcome Kit to be creative, original, and show the new employee that you value them and are happy to welcome them to your company.

These examples show that companies with different corporate cultures and values approach Welcome Kits creatively and with special emphasis on their unique characteristics. These packages are not just ordinary gifts but a great way to welcome new team members and enhance their onboarding experience."

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