How to reward in the 21st century? Innovatively!

Ivona Hrnčiarová
July 21, 2023
5 min

Objective: Revitalize work life in the 21st century.

And that involves current trends in appreciation. More and more often, it's not just the result on the paycheck; the intention is to improve an environment where each employee feels like a crucial part of something "big."

1. Flexibility above all
We value work-life balance much more. Companies can include employee appreciation through flexible working conditions, i.e. work from home, shortened week or the possibility to change working hours as needed. These are all methods and an approach that employees will certainly welcome.

2. Wellness Programs for overall well-being

In an effort to promote a healthy lifestyle, companies can implement wellness programs. By these programs, we mean not only physical fitness but also mental health and nutrition. This form of reward not only supports employees' health but also motivates them towards long-term commitment.

"When it comes to fitness. In Boxday, we have a gift box from Pura Vida, where an employee will find a functional towel, bath towel, or set. Perfect for the gym, where one deserves to replenish endorphins after work. “Nejsem stereotýpek”, “Hlavně se neposrat”, “Božská nejen dnes” - these are three original designs of this gift."

3. Personal and Professional development opportunities

In the 21st century, education and continuous skill improvement are key elements of success. Companies can offer rewards in the form of access to online training courses, workshops, or meetings with a mentor, supporting the development of employees and contributing to their long-term professional success.

4. Recognition through technological innovation

Utilizing modern technologies can be a novelty in the way of appreciation. Virtual, blockchain-based rewards, or innovative mobile applications - all of these can contribute to increasing employees' interest. (By the way, how about organizing training by experts on this topic within the company?)

5. Appreciation for creative ideas

Encouraging creativity and innovation should be part of the compensation strategy. A company can introduce programs that reward employees for their contribution to creative solutions and innovative ideas, fostering an atmosphere of openness in the work environment.

6. Employee share in the company

Acquiring company shares or having the opportunity to invest in the company can be another innovative way. By enabling this form of compensation, the employer can encourage employees to become more involved and understand the company's goals.

An example: Starbucks launched its employee stock ownership program "Bean Stock" back in 1991. It allows employees to purchase company shares at advantageous prices and participate in the profits and success of the company. As a positive bonus, education on financial literacy and investing is included, as those who decide to buy shares familiarize themselves with the principles of investing.

Source: Starbucks Bean Stock (

Innovative approaches to employee recognition in the 21st century go beyond financial benefits. It's about creating an environment where employees feel appreciated and motivated for long-term performance. Sometimes, a small gift in the form of a sweet surprise with a motivational quote is enough.

Or a card that can be planted, growing into herbs? "Thank you for growing with us" says more than you think. You can find such growing cards at Boxday as well. Whether as a standalone gift (Women's Day or Christmas wish) or as a gift card accompanying present. Now, that's truly an innovative idea :)

Seed paper is paper filled with seeds. It is made from 100% recycled paper mixed with seeds, printed with environmentally friendly water-based ink, cut by hand, and packaged sustainably.

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